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A background in counselling and mental health means you’re getting more than a cameraman.

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    My Background

    I have over 8 years experience working as a clinician in a Mental Health and Bereavement Service supporting children, young people and their families.
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    My Training

    Throughout that time, I was trained in multiple therapeutic approaches as well as fundamental counselling skills. I have a diploma in childhood bereavement.

What this adds

When I make a film, I'm doing more than turning up with a camera. It takes skill and experience to ask the right questions (and in the right way) to get to the heart of the story whilst keeping someone feeling safe and comfortable. My training and experience allows me to dig deeper into someones story in a way that other film companies would not be able to. My experience also means that I'm not going to phased or unsettled by emotionally charged situations and the attention can remain focused on the person in front of the camera rather than behind it.

“Jamie is a talented videographer and is extremely professional. His rich experience across many sectors enables him to be compassionate and understanding of individuals in difficult circumstances. He is empathic and has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed and this creates dynamic, moving, powerful and authentic films.”

Dawn - CEO, Bereavement and Mental Health

“A massive thank you to Copperwheat Films for his work with the CAMHS Bedford service user group in producing a highly emotive and informative film about Mental Health featuring our amazing young people. We have just won an award from the Anna Freud Centre Young Advisers for the Best Participation Project. We couldn’t have done it without you Jamie - your professionalism and sensitivity when working with the group was fantastic..”

Nikki - CAHMS